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Va da Vie Gelato

VadaVie3With recent glimpses of warm weather, and all the sunny days that will soon be here, Va da Vie gelato dreams have been floating through my mind. On a hot summer day, nothing beats an ice-cold treat to quickly lower the temperature. And there is not a single better treat than gelato!

Va Da Vie is located on an island in the Park Road Shopping Center. This charming gelateria has some of the best gelato found outside of Italy. – Maybe because owners John and Wendy packed up and LIVED in Italy to hone their gelato-making skills and gather recipes. Unlike many US-made gelato recipes, John and Wendy are passionate about creating a product that uses only whole ingredients, not chemically enhanced flavors and additives. That passion is what puts Va da Vie on Charlotte100Best!

VadaVie2The gelato at Va da Vie is made with milk from a local dairy farm and locally sourced fruits. When local ingredients are not available, the owners seek out the best of the best – including pistachio paste from Sicily and hazelnut paste from the Piemonte region of Italy. Their passion for quality shines through in their product. Even better, using such premium, flavorful ingredients means that John and Wendy have reduced the recommended amounts of sugar in most of their recipes by almost a third! – With less fat than ice cream, reduced sugar and fresh fruits, Va da Vie gelato is practically a health food! Or at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself the next time I stop in.



Va da Vie Gelato
4203 Park Road, Charlotte

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