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Small Town Living

You know all the clichés about small town, Southern life? Most of them are true.


We can find any excuse for a parade, and if there’s a body of water nearby, there’s bound to be a parade that involves boats at some point, too. If a neighbor needs one last ingredient to finish a recipe, chances are they will send a child next door to request it. And if it snows…everything will shut down and our children will have the time of their lives! Sledding hills abound in the rolling hills in and around Charlotte. Snowmen, snow forts and snow angels will be made, and 4-wheelers are just as likely to be housed in a garage in a quaint neighborhood as they are at a farm.


SnowDaySledding4-wheelers make getting to the sledding hills easier and they provide lots of neighborhood entertainment – for spectators and riders alike. With a tow-rope attached to the back of a 4-wheeler, you have a chain for all those sled-riders trudging through the streets to get over to the best sledding hill around. Drop your saucer sled down, climb aboard, grab the rope and hold on for dear life! Imagine playing “crack-the-whip” on sleds instead of ice-skates, and you have a pretty good picture of what the line of sleds on the tow-rope looks like as it is dragged over the snow and through the streets. – And you’ve never heard so many giggles and shouts of joy!

For a child, the best thing about a snow day in a small Southern town is knowing that any doorbell you ring will hold behind it a welcoming cup of hot chocolate and a chance to throw your snow gear in the dryer to warm up before you head back outside. No matter if it’s not your house. No matter, really, if the house has children your age or not. And certainly, no matter if you show up unannounced and all alone. The adults will welcome you in with a reassuring smile and nice cozy chat over a hot cup of cocoa.

SnowDay4To me, the last few weeks of winter weather that have consumed our area (and the whole Eastern coast!), have been shining examples of why I love small town Southern living. I knew my child was safe in our neighborhood with its rotation of parents watching whole batches of children while other parents worked, cooked, cleaned or otherwise enjoyed the warmth of their own home before taking their shift playing in the snow with the contagious joy of children of all ages!

These are the special moments of snow days, the magic of winter weather that overwhelms children with delight and bring sparkles to all of us.

In the gorgeous days of spring and summer, I know my neighborhood will throw open doors to screened-in porches, brush off trampolines, slides and playscapes, offer ubiquitous mason jars up to small hands to capture fireflies flickering in the evening light. We will gather up folding chairs and picnic blankets as we walk into town          en masse to enjoy summer concerts and movies in the park. There will be a Fourth of July Parade – one through downtown and one on the lake, there will be bike rides and roller-blades and days spent at the pool. And in all of these, I will rest in the comfort and knowledge that we have a rotation of parents watching children while others work, cook, clean or otherwise enjoy sitting inside with the air on before coming out to take a shift playing in the sunshine with all of our smiling, giggle-filled children.

Charlotte is surrounded with many opportunities for small town Southern living like this. Belmont, Mount Holly, McAdenville, Davidson, Lake Wylie and so many more! Contact Team Brade today at 704.650.4951 and let us show you the possibilities of small-town living!

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