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Mrs. Howard


Mrs. Howard and Max & Company is a two-in-one store featuring high-end home furnishings and accessories in a luxurious and relaxed setting. Phoebe Howard, a renowned authority on Southern style, showcases her design acumen in the old Charlotte Women’s Club building with elements arranged in rooms like a home.




When searching in 2009 for a Charlotte location to further expand their brand, Phoebe and Jim Howard ended up saving the historic building from a likely demise. Built in 1923, the Women’s Club building was designed by well-known Charlotte architect Charles C. Hook. After extensive renovations on the regency-style building, the Howards created the perfect setting to evoke pleasure and delight upon entering each styled room.





The entrance of the store is stunning in its own right. The heavy, carved wooden door is curved to fit the round room seamlessly, and floor features an incredible mosaic. Every room has stunning architectural details, gorgeous draperies and of course, picture perfect décor. If you find yourself wanting to move in, you are not alone! Each room plays well with the others, and you will find more relaxed, transitional pieces downstairs in Max & Company. The rooms feel calming with hits of drama here and there to keep the eye interested.




Mrs.HowardBed2 Mrs.HowardLemon

Upstairs, Mrs. Howard features the fresh take on traditional style that Phoebe Howard is known for. You will find a sunny, Southern drawing room in fresh lemon, grey and green with classic coffee table styling, great pillows and a fabulous rug. The upstairs bedroom features an upholstered headboard with a gently curving loveseat at the foot of the bed. The gorgeous accessories in the room include lovely pillows, a writing desk that doubles as a night stand with a simple, exquisite carafe and water glass.


If you have never visited Mrs. Howard and Max & Company, this is the best time to go. The sidewalk sale continues today and tomorrow with some amazing deals to be had! Mrs. Howard and Max & Company feature various sales throughout the year – including their incredible sidewalk sale. To stay informed and to see “Before & After” photos of the Mrs.HowardSale2week, follow Mrs. Howard on Facebook.


Mrs. Howard and Max & Company

1001 E. Morehead St.


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