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Morris and Moffitt, Inc.

In the Charlotte area we are blessed with many homes that have been a part of the city for many years. While we are still a growing city with many new construction homes available, often people search out neighborhoods that are already established. They fall in love with the trees, the front porches, the large yards…but they don’t always love the interior of their home as much.

Before: Small and Cramped

Before: Small and Cramped

In fact, that is exactly what happened to my husband and I when we transplanted from Plano, TX to Belmont this summer. We found the perfect neighborhood. The perfect yard. The perfect house. But not the perfect kitchen…


Morris and Moffitt Remodel Dawe

Before: Breakfast nook separated by wall

We were extremely fortunate to get connected with David Zelch at Morris and Moffitt, Inc. when we were ready to get started on our kitchen renovation. David was able to take our vision, translate it, and find the right vendors and resources to make it happen. On top of that, we felt like David was in it with us the entire way. He was as excited about our house, our neighborhood, and all the possibilities that were contained in that combination as we were.

If anyone were to tell you that a remodel is easy, they would probably be lying. In fact, almost every “reality remodel” show on television depicts the pitfalls of remodeling – the project runs long, the wrong supplies come in, you tear down a wall only to expose some horrible electrical secret your

Morris and Moffitt Remodel Dawe

After: Wide open space

house has been hiding. I won’t lie; remodeling is hard. But I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side than Morris and Moffitt. David took all of my hysterical phone calls and emails in stride and reassured me that everything was going to be perfect in the end. And you know what? It was.

David Zelch at Morris and Moffitt is the only one I will call for the multitude of projects we have planned for our “diamond in the rough.”

Morris and Moffitt, Inc. is both a full service general contractor and a full service restoration and remediation contractor.



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