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Fountains of Uptown Charlotte

Sometimes the best activities are the simplest. And even better than that – free! Take a stroll through uptown on South Tryon Street and you will quickly conclude that Charlotte has the most scenic Southern city center. The street is gorgeous. Trees line both sides, reminding you that you are in the South and shade is important. Historic churches intermingle with dramatic new high rise office buildings, banking headquarters mix with museums (and Wells Fargo even has its own museum!). But what is truly beautiful about uptown Charlotte is the profusion of water features. There seems to be a fountain, waterfall or waterwall on every block. Tucked up against buildings, standing proudly out in front, hidden away on the side of a building or seemingly commanding space of their own, water features abound.

Across the street from the Mint Museum, “The Green” features green space (obviously), sculptures, and a beautiful fish fountain which is bound to have children running through it nearly every time you walk by. The fish spray water out of their mouths, and children love to run from (and into) the water. The green space is perfect for turning cartwheels, or just having a simple picnic. Charlotte has done a fabulous job creating a city center that easily intermingles work and play. The next time you are in uptown, take the time to stroll around and enjoy the many fountains in Charlotte.


The Green

425 S Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28202


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