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Donald Haack Diamonds

A very trusted local resource for beautiful jewelry, appraisals, and custom pieces. I have shopped with Donald Haack Diamonds for years. All of their consultants are extmely knowledgeable, but my long time favorite is Sara Wilkinson.

Any time you are looking for a nice jewelry piece, check them out. They have quality pieces at reasonable prices. And you always know that you are getting the real jewelry deal. And for repairs, I trust them above anyone!

Every Wednesday, they send an email to registered clients with their WOW Wednesday deals. Many times they are one of a kind pieces from $100 and above. There are always low, middle and higher priced items… Something for everyone. I saw travel bracelets in the email and they glittered so beautifully. Called Sara and purchased them in two metal colors for wearing at the ballroom events that we dance at each weekend. They glitter so beautifully on my arm – love them!


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