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Cowfish at SouthPark

thecowfish_logoCowfish proprietors Alan Springate and Marcus Hall wanted to create an establishment that anyone can enjoy; dressed up or casual, burgers or sushi, cocktails or craft beer, and they nailed it. Whether you are looking for a great lunch spot, date night, family fun, happy hour or patio seating, Cowfish manages to be the perfect environment.


Coconut Battered Onion Rings

Maybe the craziest combination ever to be successful, Cowfish is a one-of-a-kind dining experience with gourmet burgers, specialty sushi rolls, and their signature creations, “Burgushi” –  a fusion of burgers and sushi. Burgushi pulls ingredients from both to create sushi rolls from burger components and sandwiches using sushi ingredients. Recently named to the Breakout Brands list on Nation’s Restaurant News, Cowfish continues to be a sensation, with lines out the door every weekend. The menu is extensive and ambitious, clearly striving to be all things to all people. Happily, most items succeed.

The Coconut Battered Onion Rings are incredible. These giant onion rings are coated in a divine batter and the accompanying horseradish aioli and Thai sweet chili sauce are great complements to the dish. The Burger selection ranges from the traditional to the “how did they think of that?” Each of the burgers have a half-pound of beef, turkey, bison or lamb, and are then piled high with various ingredient combinations. With no shortage of creative names for their dishes, Cowfish burger selection includes The Cowfish Has Officially Left The Building (A.K.A. The Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love) with creamy peanut butter, fried bananas and applewood bacon, The Arnold Hamandegger featuring ham and a fried egg, The Dynamic Duo with beef burger and braised short rib, and Porkey’s Revenge which piles pulled pork on top of your burger.


The Nature Boy’s WOOOOO-shi BuffalOOOOO-shi Roll

Burgushi is listed on the first page of the Sushi menu and features the expectedly unusual items like The Nature Boy’s WOOOOO-shi BuffalOOOOO-shi Roll with sautéed chipotle bison, fried green tomato, grilled onions, feta cheese and jalapeno pepper. The Deliverance Roll – Southern Style Bar-B-Q-shi is pulled pork, caramelized onion, BBQ sauce and potato strings and flash fried. Also on the Burgushi menu are What’s Shakin’ Tuna Bacon Sandwich with seared rare yellowfin tuna and bacon served on grilled spring roll wrapper “buns” and The Pittsburgoo-shi Sandwich with rare filet mignon and pastrami. For those who can’t even begin to take in the enormous menu, Cowfish has a bento box that includes a mini-burger, sushi roll and three side items.


Tempura Shrimp Kids Meal

Cowfish offers a wide variety of Sushi including selections of Sashimi, Nigiri, Hand Rolls, Traditional Rolls and Fusion Specialties like the Hi-5 Medley Roll with tuna, eel, salmon, kani, yellowtail, spicy mayo and tempura flakes, the Mad Mango-Cado Roll with shrimp tempura, kani, topped with mango, avocado and sweet eel sauce, and Mark’s Roll with fresh tuna, jalapeno, cream cheese, kani, scallions, flash fried and topped with Japanese mayo and sriracha. Others include the Tasmanian Devil Roll with tuna and salmon, the Southpark Roll with blackened tuna and English cucumbers and the Neon Dion Roll with tempura coconut shrimp, mango and spicy honey marmalade.

To truly make Cowfish appealing to one and all, salads and a well-curated Kid’s Menu round out the selections. Cowfish also has fantastic hand-spun milkshakes with classic and adventurous flavors as well as Spiked Shakes for the grown-ups. As if that’s not enough, Cowfish has a fantastic bar with Handcrafted Cocktails, an extensive Beer menu, a decent and affordable wine menu and Sake selections.


It’s patio season, and Cowfish at SouthPark has one of the best!


4310 Sharon Road


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