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Charlotte Farmers Market

Charlotte Farmers Market - EggplantFull of gorgeous produce and selections of meat, cheese, breads and flowers, the Charlotte Farmers Market has something for everyone! The best day of the week to go is Saturday when the booths are full of vendors. You will find seasonal produce, spreads, specialty items, meat, cheese and much more. In addition to the market building, there is also a craft barn and a greenery shed open on Saturdays.

Although with significantly fewer vendors, the Charlotte Farmers Market is also open weekdays. Charlotte Farmers MarketThe shopping experience is relaxed with plenty of time to chat with each vendor, and even get their personal recommendations for how to prepare produce that might be new to you!

This is a great way to eat locally grown foods and supportĀ local farmers. (Some vendors are not as local as others – always ask where your produce was grown.)

1801 Yorkmont Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28266

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