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Amelie’s French Bakery

AmeliesSign2Craving café au lait and hot chocolate during our latest winter freeze? Amelie’s French Bakery can cure those cravings and transport you into a visual utopia with one glance into their pastry case. Be tempted by their colorful macarons, gaze longingly at the light-as-air cream puff, but don’t pass by the decadent salted caramel brownie.

AmeliesCroissantAmelie’s baristas serve up perfect cups of French café, including café au lait, café
mocha, café caramel crème, and my personal can’t get enough favorite – café crème. If you prefer hot tea or chai, Amelie’s has those, too, along with icy cold limonade made with Perrier, iced coffee and tea.

While the beverages are amazing, what stops visitors in their tracks are the cases of pastries and specialty baked goods. The layered tortes, chocolate mousse and petit-fours are works of art. The croissants are drool-worthy and the fresh fruit tarts look like jewel boxes.

AmeliesMacaronThe NoDa location on North Davidson is open 24 hours, making it the perfect stop
after an evening at the Blumenthal. You’ll rub shoulders with all types in this café. Tattoos are common, but so are suits and ties – everyone feels at home here; united by the same desire to sip decadent coffee and enjoy delicious food.

Amelie’s has a second location in Rock Hill, and will be opening their third Charlotte location in Carmel Commons Shopping Center in March 2015. All locations have a full coffee bar, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, pastries and dessert.

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